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Star Field Party Lights 50

Star Field Party Lights 50
Price: $18.95
Product ID : ParLg 50



Comes in a clear covering, The Star Field Party Light produces a flashing light display that plays to your favorite Christmas tunes.
You can enjoy the light with or without music. Available in a 50 light Christmas tree display or a 100 light Christmas scene. The Party Light can be hung up on the wall as a decoration piece or you can take the lights from the case and use to decorate your tree or windows. How you decorate is your choice.

Product can be hung or placed on any at surface in original casing, or removed and strung like ordinary tree lights.

Music Box - the lights blink in accordance with music
Chasing Control - the lights blink in two patterns with no sound

This product is offered only by Pacific Century Enterprise and is not available in stores.

Comes in a bright and colorful gift box, and is an ideal and inexpensive gift item for the Christmas /New Year season.